is a series of ad hoc location based audio broadcasts. These set out to explore the broadcast as the public face of a 'media ecology' that momentarily connects bodies, materials and histories. The project aims to turn the broadcast inside out, to include the many different contexts that intertwine to produce it. Some of these are visible, such as the equipment and materials, while other aspects are more difficult to pin down. How can we experience that which is usually hidden, radio waves, personal memories, moments from history both lost and documented? looks to these edges, and draws them back into focus so we can re-think where they belong.

solar panels on jacket

'An agency of the overheard, I'd suggest, may enable acts of forceful entry to invade the scene, through gestures of interruption, and in doing so, it may also support coalitional frameworks and assmemblies by which to retune the grounds of which bodies struggle, to construct a vibrant assemblage of social care and compassion'

Brandon LaBelle - Sonic Agency Sound and Emergent Forms of Resistance

Dave with the sensor #1 was broadcast from the Bluecoat in Liverpool via a battle jacket with solar panels sewn into the back that powers a Rasberry Pi Zero. This broadcasts the ambient sounds from electret microphones sewn into the shoulders to a Shoutcast server and this site. It also broadcasts the signal from a Soma Ether processed through a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad. This mixes local ambient sounds with radio and electromagnetic signals is the work of artist Dave Evans. He works with different media to explore the borders between organisation and incoherence. For more info go to

peripheries #1 @ Bluecoat / Thursday 11th May / 1-2pm